Sustain­able Pro­duction

How do you make a carpet?

We guess, when you think about this questions, the first pictures which comes to your mind is the traditional way of manufacturing: Weaving by hand.

But the possibilities to produce a carpet are various: we focus us on this point on the machine woven and tufted carpets, which are made of synthetic fibers.

“This would be a mass production, right?”

When we think today about issues like machine produced items, we are tempted to think about quantity and not quality, but we will contradict here:

Through the integration from different product places in europe, various handlings and flexible production rhythm we are able to offer you a wide product range. That's how we satisfy almost all customer requests.

With our own production company, BT Carpet, we go one step further since July 2016.

How can a carpet with synthetic fibers be produced sustainable?

A look on the modern Carpet and home textile market industry points out, those synthetic fibers are a compact part at the market. Did you know that this involves many different advantages for you?

Carpets and mats which are produced with the “artificial materials” are very durable and easy to clean. This means, you can enjoy your carpet for a long time!

Even when it's not so easy to combine the words “Synthetic fibers” and “sustainability” at the first moment, we want to show you what we demands from our products and product places:

Transparency in the production:

In regular terms we control our production places unheralded. This is how we could guarantee continuous that our internal standards and international formalities are followed. This transparency and our long lasting trust in our places of production are the fundament for our product range.

Short Transport Distance:

In line with globalization it's necessary to focus on a international purchasing and buying. It's really important for us, that our products are using the shortest transportation route. We're concentrating on trade routes within europe and try on this way to keep CO2 emissions on a minimum.

Refusal of Child labor:

We are aware that in some branches of trade or also in import areas it's unfortunately not possible to suspend child labor: That's why we focus in our product range on products, which are based on a mechanical manufacturing process. Finishings and Refinings, which are done manually, were done in our own production company. Here we guarantee that no underage employees are working.

Integration of renewable materials:

Artificial and synthetic fibers and renewable materials have got great properties and characteristics to include into the carpet production. Materials like wool gave a carpet for example a total new appearance. We are proud, that about 80 % of our products contain renewable materials like jute.


Did you know that it's possible to recycle synthetic fibers to a certain extent? For a bulk of our products we could already determine in the past a recycling quote, which we want to increase step by step. For us, the subject “Recycling” is a component part of our sustainability proposition.