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Profit from our Know How


The perfect added value to your online shop: Benefit from our experience and service in dropshipping. In short: We take your risk!

You only buy from us when the end customer has bought in your shop. By this way on the one hand, you save your storage capacities and, on the other hand, you do not have to be afraid of having "rotten eggs" in stock with products that cannot be sold. In addition, the goods go completely packed directly from our warehouse to the end customer. Without capital commitment and commodity risk, you can let the end customers shop with you in a relaxed way, we take over the work in the background. Contact us to find out the details of dropshipping in direct exchange.


Unlike dropshipping , you order the goods before the end customer has bought. In this case, we deliver the desired order quantity directly to your warehouse, from where you ensure the dispatch to the end customer. Even if you spend capital and storage capacity in this case, you can rely on us to advise you with our experience that it will be the right products that you buy.


We only deliver B2B with passion and experience. Our goal is to make life easier for our customers with a complete package. In order for our customers to be able to provide the end customer with meaningful information about product availability, we offer up-to-date transparency in our stock levels that our customers can rely on. In addition, we support our customers by always keeping our warehouse well filled with current trends and top sellers.

Quality goods

By integrating different production facilities, processing techniques and flexible production rhythms within Europe, we can set up an extensive range. Hardly any wish of our customers remains unfulfilled.

Long-term partnerships could only be established due to the consistently good quality of the products. This is just as important to us as it is to our customers in order to keep the return rate as low as possible.


When we started selling carpets online 15 years ago, people were still ridiculed. Today, online shopping has become indispensable and many retailers are also gradually finding their way to e-commerce. The fact that this sales market works differently is something you notice very quickly and so our customers benefit from our specific know-how.


Our customer network has been extending beyond national borders for over 10 years. Constantly growing, we are always open to new customers from new countries. Because not every country follows the same trend. This makes it all the more exciting to discover and supply the respective trends together with our customers.