With needles and yarn since 20 years: Confection and custom finishing for every demand

How do you produce a carpet? Or how do you refine it?

Since July 2016 we dedicated ourselves with a lot of passion and ambition on the confection process in our own production place in Belgium.

But wait: How could we speak about a experience of over 20 years?

The historie of BT Carpet goes back to several decades. The origin and founding of the company was created already in 1978 in Zulte (unter the old name Van den Weghe), since 2016 we act on the markt under our new presentation BT Carpet.

The own production offers many opportunities and potential for a healthy growing: Who produces by himself, is able to plan more efficient, to include new structures faster and could react more flexible to customer wishes on the B2B-Level.

Find out more about the confection manufacturing and all further information about our production place “BT Carpet” here: www.btcarpet.eu.

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